Business Overview



Flasdoor is specialized in Printing Logo on Products, Branding Stuff, Promotional Gifts, Premium Gifts, Marketing Materials, and Packaging such as Stainless Steel Bottle, Bamboo bottles, Pen, Eco Bag, Non-Woven Bag, Cotton Canvas Tote Bag, Eco Balo Bag, Foldable bags, Helmet, Raincoats, umbrellas, Reverse Umbrella, lanyards, Slim Power Bank, Metal Keychain, PVC Keychain, USB, Notebook… and many more products.

How can we help you?

Meet and Consult

Meet our experts who experienced many years in packaging and product branding. We’ll be consulting with you and identifying what you really need.

Mockup and Design

To minimize unsaid assumptions and uncertainty, the design team may assist you in drafting your idea into a visual representation.

Factory Production

We work directly with numerous prominent packaging manufacturers to ensure that our customers receive low-cost, high-quality products.

Deliver and Satisfy

We commit to deliver your work on time, competitive price with high responsibility.